Zeon Light Skiva

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Does the world need another label? We don´t know, but we know that we have some great artists and groups that will release their babies in the future…
Zeon Light Skiva are the two heads from Zeon Light Kassett who have released over 90 tapes since the start 2011 and the slowly dying label rev/vega rec. The later released 19 tapes, vinyls, cds between 2007-2015.
This new label will focus on the DIY scene in Sweden, no matter if it is Lo-Fi to Cosmic pop, Electronic Dance, Ambient or Jazz (and sometimes all of these genres). The music will be created by masterminds sitting at home recording the music they want to hear!
”pretentious music for pretentious people”

framsida_cover_dolcevita NATTEN_Dolce Vita_zls002[2016]_LP_140sek/£10/16€

johanna_lp JIN&DAUN_Pîrê_zls001[2015]_LP_100sek/£8/10€
zls003_2016_Chicagojazzen/Ständut Black_LP